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Article: Chickweed


Common Name

Chickweed, Mouse Ear Chickweed

Scientific Name

Stellaria media





Seasons of Growth

Winter / Spring

Key Distinguishing Feature

White flowers, shiny leaves.

Chickweed is a common weed throughout Australia, as well as the world. It is a small plant with shiny leaves on multiple stems which produce a single white flower on each stem. While it is an Annual, it can mature and start re-seeding a new generation of weeds in around 6 weeks.

Key Products for Control:

Contra M Duo - 65mL/100sqm *Not safe for Buffalo lawns

Duke 100WG - 1g/100sqm *Not safe for QLD Blue Couch, Fescue, Bentgrass, or Ryegrass lawns

For 6-months weed germination prevention, we recommend Pre-Emergent Herbicides, such as; Spartan, Barricade, or Onset.

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