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Article: Nutgrass


Common Name


Scientific Name

Cyperus rotundus





Seasons of Growth

All year round

Key Distinguishing Feature

Reddish-purple colour of the flower spikelets is the easiest way of differentiating nutgrass from False Onion Weed.

A long-lived grass-like plant usually growing 20-50 cm tall. It produces a network of creeping underground stems with small tubers (10-25 mm long). Its upright flowering stems are smooth and three-angled in cross-section its very narrow leaves.

Its seed-heads have 3-8 branches of varying in length (up to 10 cm long) and are subtended by two to four green leafy bracts. These branches bear several elongated reddish-brown or purplish-brown flower spikelets.

Key Products for Control:

Halo-Force - 1.3g/100sqm, *As per the label instructions, Halo-Force Herbicide, must be applied with a non-ionic surfactant to ensure uptake.

Surfactant Wetter 600 – 20mL/100sqm in 10L of water.

*Disclaimer: Pre-Emergent Herbicides, are not effective in controlling the germination of Mullumbimby Couch.

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