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Digital Weed Identification

Accurately identifying weeds is often challenging and will usually rely on being able to identify key features of the plant such as its form, leaf, flower and fruit morphology and even its placement in the landscape. If you are struggling to identify a weed from our Weed Identification Page, please follow the steps below to get additional assistance from our team:


Digital Identification Method:

Digital images may be taken by cell phone or digital camera, but the best method for creating digital images of your specimens is with a flatbed scanner. Please include a ruler, coin, etc. in your image for determining scale.

In either case it is important to ensure Images:

  • are clear and focused (avoid compressing images wherever possible)
  • comprehensively capture plant features available (If need be take multiple photos so that leaf shape and arrangement and plant form are obvious. If present at the time of observation also ensure images of flowers, fruit and/or other distinctive features such as thorns or tendrils are also captured,
  • where possible provide scale through the inclusion of a ruler or coin.

Where these features cannot be captured in the imagery, please provide a description - Along with:

  • Where you found the plant growing both in terms of  region/ postcode and habitat (e.g. roadside, waterway, easement etc.).
  • Your reason for concern (e.g. invasiveness, resistance, desirability, etc.)
  • Any other information that might be of use.


Digital images of your specimen should be emailed to:


What will I get back?

  • Common name
  • Scientific name
  • Comments regarding the species
  • Control Methods


Weed control methods are provided and the identification is free if you purchase your product from Greenway Weed Solutions' online store. 

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