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About Us


Greenway Solutions, trading as Greenway Weed Solutions (GWS), is an Australian business that provides vegetation managers, pastoralists, farmers, and hobby farmers alike with technical support, advice, and tailored solutions for managing weeds in and around infrastructure assets. GWS can assist you with product selection, program development, and technical support to deliver vegetation control outcomes.

Industrial Vegetation Management plays a crucial role in the safety, appearance, and economics of our acreage properties, farmlands, pastures, highways, railroads, airports, utilities, and pipelines.

Greenway Weed Solutions draws on over 30 years of experience in vegetation management to provide tailored management programs that meet the specific needs of infrastructure assets. Our team is always ready to offer personalised recommendations and expert advice to help you make well-informed decisions about the products and services that best suit your specific needs.

The first step in building a successful and sustainable vegetation management program is understanding your long-term vegetation management goals. We want to fully understand your specific needs and tailor your vegetation management program to ensure best value outcomes.

Vegetation management programs are dynamic. Our team knows this and takes a variety of factors into account in developing your vegetation management program. We also understand that things change, and we will be there to review your program with you each year. We will help you to make informed decisions and keep you up to date regarding product options, local weed pressures or incompatible vegetation.

Innovation plays an important role and our team work closely with our product manufacturers to develop specific solutions to tackle vegetation managers biggest challenges. Our vegetation management programs are supported by a product portfolio that delivers reliable weed control whether your needs are roadside, railways, utilities, industrial bare ground, or aquatics.

Our integrated approach has produced robust strategies to improve species composition, reduce resistant weed populations, extend asset life and improve safety on these critical infrastructure assets.


The GWS Team look forward to servicing your weed management needs. Contact us today! 

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