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Article: White Clover

White Clover
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White Clover

Common Name

Clover, White Clover

Scientific Name

Trifolium repens


Fabaceae (Legume)



Seasons of Growth

Autumn / Winter

Key Distinguishing Feature

3 Leafed Foliage, White / Pink flowers.

Also known as White Clover, this weed has leaves with three leaflets, and creeping stems that set roots at whatever point they touch the ground. Flowers are white or pink. Clover, with white flowers, is a member of the pea family. This means clovers can fix nitrogen from the air and therefore they favour poorly fertilised lawns.

Key Products for Control:

BroadForce MA - 60mL/100sqm

Bow & Arrow - 50mL/100sqm *Temporary discolouration can occur to QLD Blue Couch, Carpet Grass, or Kikuyu lawns

Contra M Duo - 65mL/100sqm *Not safe for Buffalo lawns

Duke 100WG - 1.5g/100sqm *Not safe for QLD Blue Couch, Fescue, Bentgrass, or Ryegrass lawns

For 6-months weed germination prevention, we recommend Pre-Emergent Herbicides, such as; Spartan, Barricade, or Onset.

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