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Indigo ProForce Slinger 240 10L Picloram

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Group 4 Herbicide

ProForce Slinger 240 Industrial Herbicide contains the active ingredient 240g/L Picloram present in the form of Potassium salt.

It is registered for the control a wide range of environmental, noxious, perennial and annual weeds in a range of situations including Agricultural non crop areas, commercial and industrial areas, forests, pastures and rights of way.

ProForce Slinger 240 Industrial Herbicide is a Soluble Concentrate formulation.

Key Features:

  • Picloram in a Potassium salt form. Improved plant uptake and improved rainfast properties.
  • Concentrated form of Picloram – 24%. 
  • Offers Increased flexibility: Can be tank mixed with the most appropriate partner to maximise weed control. Rate is not dependant upon other herbicides in the formulation and can therefore be dialled up or down to match target weeds and required residual activity.
  • Non-scheduled chemistry: Products containing Triclopyr are generally S6 Poisons.
  • Strong and proven activity on Woody weeds such as Lantana, Groundsel Bush, Gorse, Boxthorn, Camphor Laurel and others.
  • Excellent activity on environmental weeds such as Fleabane, Galenia, Mother of Millions, Parthenium weed and others.
  • Excellent tank mix flexibility, including 2,4-D, MCPA, Metsulfuron Methyl, Fluroxypyr, Triclopyr and Glyphosate (Rapid Fire).
  • Drum muster compliant. Easy to dispose of drums.

Maximising Performance:

  • Apply with coarse or very course spray nozzles.
  • Don’t tank mix with Zinc based materials.
  • Don’t use with hard water or water clarified with Aluminium sulphate.
  • Don’t graze or cut for stock food for 7 days following application.
  • Avoid applications in high winds – Less than 15km / hour is desired. 
  • Avoid application if rain is likely to occur within 4 hours.
  • Avoid application close to, or on areas, containing roots of desirable vegetation, where treated soil may be washed into areas growing, or to be planted with desirable plants.
  • Avoid application to sites where surface water from heavy rain can be expected to run off to areas containing or planted with desirable plants.
  • Picloram remains active in the soil for extended periods depending on the rate of application, soil type, rainfall, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and organic matter.
  • When tank mixing with Triclopyr, don’t burn off, cut or clear blackberry or other woody weeds for at least 6 months after spraying.
  • Avoid applications to pastures or crops which are to be used for the production of compost or mulches for use with desirable plants. The use of straw, hay or other plant material treated with Slinger 240 for composting or mulching may damage desirable plants.
Indigo ProForce Slinger 240 10L Picloram
Indigo ProForce Slinger 240 10L Picloram Sale price$404.00
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