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Indigo Octane Adjuvant 5L. di-1-p-Menthene

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Non-ionic Extender-Sticker-Spreader

Octane significantly improves the retention and deposition of spray droplets onto the leaf surfaces. Containing 859g/L di-1-p-methene,  it forms a polymer film helping hold the chemical spray droplet on the leaf under rain or irrigation events, optimizing the performance of your pesticide application under any adverse condition. Octane is a superior extending agent designed to enhance the useful life of plant protection products and fertilisers that you mix in your spray tank.

Octane is an emusifiable film forming polymer based on natural pinene that possesses similar properties to the leaf cuticle. This means Octane is soft on the cuticle and does not result in leaf burn as is often seen as a side effect of petrochemical based adjuvants & surfactants.

Octane provides penetration assistance combined with improved droplet lifetime making it ideal for use with both contact and systemic pesticides. Due to the natural polymerization of Octane, it provides protection not only under rainfall and irrigation events but also environmental concerns like wind, UV light and volatilization. The film produced by Octane on the leaf also has the ability to protect workers that have to re-enter the sprayed area that maybe sensitive to the chemical or the chemical vapour.

Key Features:

Significant Improvements in rainfast performance – supporting the pesticide to stay on the leaf surface regardless of rain or irrigation events.

  • Proven Extender – extends the performance of pesticide applications.
  • Natural product safe for applicators, the general public and the environment.
  • Improved spray deposition and spray retention.
  • Minimizes volatilization.
  • Compatible with most agricultural chemicals.
  • Extends droplet lifetime on the leaf surface.
  • UV degradation protection.
  • Ideal IPM partner in nursery and landscape situations.
  • Improved solubility versus some other pinene products.
  • Available in a convenient 5L pack size.
Indigo Octane Adjuvant 5L. di-1-p-Menthene
Indigo Octane Adjuvant 5L. di-1-p-Menthene Sale price$176.00
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