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Indigo Cortex Duo Industrial Herbicide 10L. Nonanoic Acid, Oxyfluorfen

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Group 14 Herbicide

Cortex Duo is a non-selective knockdown and residual herbicide featuring ‘Dual Control Herbicide Technology’ to provide control of seedling and young broadleaf and grass
weeds and suppression of established weeds and perennial species.

Cortex Duo is registered for use in and around paths, driveways, roadsides, sheds, gardens, amenity horticulture areas, protected cropping situations, nearby nursery stock, orchards and vineyards, fallow soils and forestry.

Is also registered for the control of Moss and Algae in a range of situations including gardens, paths, rockeries, tiled roofs, walls, driveways and around buildings.

Cortex Duo contains 525g/L Nonanoic Acid and 15g/L Oxyfluorfen and is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation.

Key Features:

  • Contains Dual Control Technology, multiple modes of action, reducing potential weed resistance issues.
  • Very broad spectrum of registered uses. Can be used is most weed control situations.
  • Non-glyphosate option for knockdown of weeds.
  • Rapid action, visible effects occurring within hours of treatment.
  • Provides residual control – up to 3 months.
  • Safe for use around established trees and ornamentals, as long as spray drift doesn’t occur.
  • Low chemical scheduling – S5.
  • Effective on Moss and Algae as well as weeds.
  • Available in multiple pack sizes to suit all requirements and applications.

Maximising Performance:

  • Spray to completely cover weed surface.
  • Perennial weed species may require repeated applications to obtain long term control. Repeat spray after 14 days if required.
  • Avoid application if weeds are wet.
  • Avoid application if rainfall is expected before spray deposits dry on plant surfaces.
  • Don’t irrigate or water treated area for 24 hours to achieve maximum results.
  • Don’t irrigate to the point of run-off from soil for at least 3 days after application.
  • Avoid application if heavy rains or storms that are likely to cause runoff from soil are forecast within 3 days of application.
  • Avoid spray contacting or drifting onto desirable plants.
  • To control weeds in Protected cropping situations apply on each side of the crop row taking care not to allow spray to contact any of the crop foliage.


If applying via boom sprayer, the following requirements need to be met:
  • Spray droplets should not be smaller than a COARSE spray droplet size.
  • A buffer zone of 10m is applied for boom height above the target canopy of 1m or lower (but not 0.5m or lower)



  • Half fill spray tank and commence agitation. Slowly add required amount of Cortex Duo. Top up with required quantity of water. Agitate well before commencing spray procedure. Do not mix more than is needed.



Indigo Cortex Duo Industrial Herbicide 10L. Nonanoic Acid, Oxyfluorfen Sale price$324.00
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