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Envu Esplanade Indaziflam

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Group 29 Herbicide

Esplanade Herbicide has been developed specifically for the Vegetation Management (VM) industry, and in Australia, is intended to be used around railroads, roadsides, industrial sites and utility corridors. For additional information, please watch the video below.

Esplanade is a pre-emergent herbicide featuring an entirely new mode of action, thereby increasing the suite of options available to Vegetation Managers and will be a new tool in assisting with the prevention or delay of herbicide resistance.



Key Features:

Because Esplanade has a unique mode of action, it is very effective against weed species that have developed resistance to other commonly-used herbicides. Additionally, the length of control provided by Esplanade is excellent, long-lasting residual even under difficult conditions.  This reduces the number of applications needed in a season and gives applicators the flexibility they need – saving time and money.  These use rates are much lower than other pre-emergence herbicides.

Key Benefits:

With long-term residual control of over 30 weed species in Australia, including grasses, broadleaf weeds and annual sedges.  Outstanding residual control means fewer post-emergent herbicide applications, resulting in less early-season mowing and reduced labour and fuel costs Perfect for maintaining roadside grasses or other large acreage projects where low-maintenance vegetation or erosion control is desired.  A more sustainable solution because it requires less active ingredient than traditional chemistry.

Envu Esplanade Indaziflam
Envu Esplanade Indaziflam Sale price$902.00
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