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Adama Rotary Max Imazapyr

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Group 2 Herbicide

Rotary Max® is a pre and post emergent residual herbicide that can be used for extended control of both grass and broadleaf weeds in industrial areas, commercial areas, public service areas and rights of way situations. Rotary Max is compatible with non-selective knockdown herbicides such as Wipe-Out® and Exonerate® allowing more immediate control of existing weeds. Once in the soil, Rotary Max acts to control germinating weeds for up to 12 months reducing the need for multiple herbicide applications. Rotary Max is a non-scheduled chemical.

Key Features:

  • Broad Spectrum of weed control
  • Long lasting residual weed control
  • Compatible with key knockdown herbicides
  • Non-scheduled chemical.

Key Benefits:

  • Single pass solution
  • Less need to re-treat with knockdown herbicides. Saves time and labour.
  • Mixes readily with Wipe-Out® and Exonerate® for one pass control of emerged and non-emerged weeds.
  • Reduced concerns around mixing, application and re-entry into treated areas.

Product Recommendations:

  • Improved performance and faster control of standing weeds will result if growing conditions are favourable at and after application of Rotary Max. The use of a surfactant such as Wetspray® 1000 may also enhance standing weed control. Mix Wetspray® 1000 at a rate 10 - 40 mL per 100 L of water.
  • For medium volume spraying, apply through a spray boom calibrated to ensure even coverage. Use spray nozzles suitable to prevent spray drift onto surrounding desirable vegetation.
  • For high volume application, use a hand gun or knapsack to apply sufficient spray to wet the surface visibly without producing run-off. Rainfall within two hours of the spray mixture drying on leaves may result in reduced weed control. For pre-emergence control, rain or irrigation after spraying is required to activate Rotary Max.
  • Residual control will be reduced by denser standing weed growth and higher amounts of ground cover. DO NOT apply Rotary Max by aircraft, as spray drift may cause damage to desirable surrounding species.
Adama Rotary Max Imazapyr Sale price$403.70
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