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Adama Grindstone 1L. Aminopyralid

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Group 4 Herbicide

Grindstone® is the ideal tank-mix partner herbicide for enhanced knockdown of hard-to-kill broadleaf and woody weeds whilst maintaining re-cropping options in the Northern cropping region.

Grindstone is the first ‘straight’ or ‘solo’ formulation of aminopyralid, making it an ideal tank-mix partner for controlling hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds whilst maintaining crop rotation flexibility. Its unique soluble liquid (SL) formulation has excellent compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Adama Grindstone is a solo formulation of 240 g/L aminopyralid (Group 4) promotes flexible usage and keeps re-cropping options open in the Northern cropping zone.
  • Grindstone has relatively short plant back intervals, maintaining crop rotation flexibility.
  • Soluble Liquid (SL) Formulation allows for excellent compatibility with a range of grass and broadleaf weed herbicides.
  • When applied in mixtures with ADAMA herbicides, Grindstone provides robust knockdown of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds in winter cereals and summer fallow. When applied with registered tank mix partners, Grindstone is effective in controlling 30+ Broadleaf and woody weeds.
  • Grindstone is applied at a maximum of 32 mL/ha, minimising packaging, handling and transport.
Adama Grindstone 1L. Aminopyralid
Adama Grindstone 1L. Aminopyralid Sale price$242.00
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