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Adama Galigan 500SC 10L. Oxyfluorfen

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Group 14 Herbicide

Galigan® 500 SC contains 500g/L oxyfluorfen in a unique low odour, suspension concentrate formulation. It is registered for the control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in forestry and ornamentals, industrial areas, non-crop situations, roadsides, rail and rights-of-way. DO NOT apply to turf as damage may occur.

Key Features:

  • Non-scheduled chemical   
  • Long term residual from high rates
  • High active ingredient loading
  • Broad range of common grass and broadleaf controlled
  • Aerial application drop height up to 15m
  • Strong binding to soil
  • Safe to mature ornamental trees
  • Some species are tolerant to “Over-the-top” spray applications
  • May be applied with tank mix partners 

Key Benefits:

  • Increased usage in and around public areas. Minimal PPE requirements for mixing and application
  • Expect up to 6 months residual control of common and hard-to-kill weeds
  • Lower application rates and reduced freight, drum storage and disposal costs
  • One pass spray operation, saving time and money
  • Operator safety and accuracy in aerial application
  • Will not move into desirable vegetation areas (e.g. turf) – great for pathways
  • Can spray under tree driplines and in garden beds
  • Ease of use when spraying Duboisia, pine and eucalypt plantations
  • Commonly mixed with non-selective herbicides such as glyphosate, glufosinate etc. to remove existing mature weeds

Application Recommendations:

Galigan® 500 SC can be used as either a post-emergent “spike” with non-selective herbicides, or as a pre-emergent applied to weed-free soil or weeds at seedling stage.

Galigan® 500 SC as a “spike”

  • Use recommended rates of glyphosate, paraquat or diquat/paraquat mixtures plus 36ml/ha of Galigan® 500 SC.
  • Improves knockdown and increases the speed at which treated weeds develop visible symptoms of phytotoxicity (compared to results achieved with glyphosate applied alone)

Galigan® 500 SC as a pre-emergent

  • For use in Eucalyptus spp. and Pinus spp. forestry plantations, industrial areas, non-crop situations, roadsides, rail and rights-of-way.
  • Although Galigan® 500 SC has some knockdown effect on certain weeds, best results are achieved on weed-free soil or weeds up to 4-6 true leaf stage. Use higher rates for longer residual control.
  • Forestry pre-plant applications: allow a plant back of 4 weeks prior to transplanting; use 1.5-1.9L/ha.
  • Forestry post-plant application: apply as a directed spray to the inter row in Eucalyptus spp. In Pinus spp an“over-the-top” spray can be utilised.
  • For post-plant applications in forestry and ornamental trees, industrial areas, non-crop situations, roadsides, rail and rights-of-way use 2L/ ha or 2 mL/10 m2.
  • In these situations ensure spray is directed to the base of seedlings, or that seedlings are protected. Generally, Galigan® 500 SC is regarded as safe to commonly planted forestry and ornamental species but the sensitivity of less common species should be tested on small areas before a large-scale application is made. Refer to the label or contact your ADAMA representative for more details.

Galigan® 500 SC can be applied by itself or with other products where extended range of target weeds is desired, or a quicker brown down required.

Compatible products include Victory IVM (clopyralid), Simanex (simazine), Firepower (haloxyfop), Excalibur IVM (sulfometuron), Exonerate (glufosinate) plus various glyphosate products (note Galigan® 500 SC is not compatible with 540g/L glyphosate products present as the potassium salt).

It is best to avoid weeds that are stressed, e.g. cold, dry or waterlogged plants, or spraying in hot or windy conditions. Galigan® 500 SC can be applied via knapsack, boom spray or aerially.

For post-emergent spraying, addition of a non-ionic surfactant at label rates may be of benefit, but this is not required for pre-emergent spraying to bare soil.

Ground application via knapsack or boom spray should be in a water spray volume of 250-500L/ha for treating bare soil or up to 1350L/ha when treating seedling weeds. Use the higher volumes where weed density is high.

Example - boom spray: 2L/ha Galigan® 500 SC in 500L/ha water

Example 2 - knapsack: 40ml Galigan® 500 SC /10L knapsack, to cover 200m2.

For aerial application a spray volume of 100L is recommended.

Adama Galigan 500SC 10L. Oxyfluorfen
Adama Galigan 500SC 10L. Oxyfluorfen Sale price$588.50
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