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Article: Guildford Grass

Guildford Grass
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Guildford Grass

Common Name

Onion Grass, False Onion Weed, Onion Weed

Scientific Name

Romulea Rosea





Seasons of Growth

Autumn-winter germinating herbaceous perennial.

Key Distinguishing Feature

Tough grass like leaves up to 30cm high and 1-2mm wide, with blunt edges Pink-violet flowers with a yellow throat and 6 equal spreading petals about 20mm across.

Guildford grass AKA Onion grass is a small perennial, with tough grass like leaves up to 30cm high and 1-2mm wide, with blunt edges and prominent midrib. It produces a small brown underground corm about 1 cm in diameter. Flowering occurs in Spring each year.

Not to be confused with another plant called False Onion Weed.

Key Products for Control:

Duke 100WG - 1g/100sqm *Not safe for QLD Blue Couch, Fescue, Bentgrass, or Ryegrass lawns

Due to the similarity in appearance of this weed to NutGrass, we recommend contacting the LawnPride Support Team with photos. This will help us best identify and provide treatments for your personal lawn.

Contact us via email:, or Phone: +61 479 086 039.

For 6-months weed germination prevention, we recommend Pre-Emergent Herbicides, such as; Spartan, Barricade, or Onset.

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