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Article: Crowsfoot


Common Name

Crowsfoot, Goose grass

Scientific Name

Eluesine Indica




Crowsfoot is an annual grassy weed and is reproduced by seed.

Seasons of Growth


Key Distinguishing Feature

Crowsfoot gains its name from the way the leaves angle from the stem, making it look like “crows feet”.

Sometimes also referred to as Goose Grass, Crowsfoot reaches up to 50cm in height, and has a very strong, fibrous root system. Often colonising in bare or disturbed areas. The seed head consists of several short, finger-like branches radiating from the top of an erect stalk. Leaves are shiny, green and hair free. They can be up to 9cm long.

Key Products for Control:

Tribute - 20mL/100sqm *Not safe for QLD Blue Couch and Kikuyu lawns

Please contact the LawnPride Support Team to discuss alternative options.

Contact us via email:, or Phone: +61 479 086 039.

For 6-months weed germination prevention, we recommend Pre-Emergent Herbicides, such as; Spartan, Barricade, or Onset.

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