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Article: Water stargrass

Water stargrass

Common Name

Water stargrass, grassleaf mudplantain, Mud Starwort

Scientific Name

Heteranthera dubia





Seasons of Growth


Key Distinguishing Feature

Submerged aquatic plant with star-shaped yellow flowers

Growth Form: Water Stargrass plants are rooted aquatic herbs that grow submerged in water or along the margins of ponds, lakes, and slow-moving streams.

Leaves: The leaves are typically elongated and linear with parallel venation. They may have a submerged and floating form, depending on water depth.

Flowers: The flowers of Water Stargrass are typically small and have a star-like appearance with three petals. They are borne on slender stems that rise above the water's surface.

Roots: Water Stargrass plants have fine, fibrous roots that anchor them in the substrate.

Ecological Impact:

  • Water Stargrass (Heteranthera spp.) is an aquatic weed that can be a nuisance in water bodies in Australia. Controlling aquatic weeds like Water Stargrass is important for maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems and ensuring that water bodies are usable and safe.

Control Methods:

Mechanical Control:

  • Hand Removal: For small infestations, manual removal of Water Stargrass by hand or using rakes and nets can be effective. Be sure to remove the entire plant, including roots and floating mats.

Chemical Control:

  • Herbicides: In cases of larger or persistent infestations, herbicides approved for aquatic use may be considered. Herbicides should be applied following local regulations, safety guidelines, and environmental considerations. It's essential to use herbicides that are specifically labelled for aquatic weed control.

Physical Control:

  • Barriers and Screens: Installing physical barriers or screens can help prevent the spread of Water Stargrass to other areas of the water body.

Integrated Weed Management (IWM):

  • Implement an integrated approach that combines multiple control methods to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of herbicide resistance.

For specific guidance on controlling Water Stargrass in water bodies within the your region, it is recommended to consult with local authorities or our weed management experts who are knowledgeable about the unique conditions and regulations your area.

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