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Article: Groundsel bush

Groundsel bush

Common Name

Groundsel bush, Consumption weed, Groundsel, Groundsel tree, Sea Island myrtle, Tree groundsel, Waterbrush

Scientific Name

Baccharis halimifolia





Seasons of Growth


Key Distinguishing Feature

Shrub with small white, fluffy flowers

• Growth Form: Groundsel Bush is a deciduous to evergreen shrub that can vary in size from small shrubs to larger, multi-stemmed plants. It often forms dense thickets.

• Leaves: The leaves are alternate, simple, and have serrated or toothed margins. They are typically green and may turn yellow in the fall.

• Flowers: The flowers are small, inconspicuous, and greenish-white to cream-coloured. They are borne in terminal clusters.

• Fruit: The fruit is a small, dry, achene-like seed with a pappus (fluffy structure) that aids in wind dispersal.

• Habitat: Groundsel Bush is commonly found in wetland areas, coastal regions, and disturbed sites. It is native to eastern North America.


Ecological Impact:

• Groundsel Bush is considered native in its natural range and is an important plant for wildlife, providing habitat and food for various species.

• In some areas, it may become invasive and form dense stands that can alter natural ecosystems.


Control Methods:

1. Manual Removal:

• Hand-Pulling: For small infestations, hand-pulling or digging up the plants, including their root systems, can be effective. Ensure proper disposal of the removed plants to prevent reinfestation.


2. Chemical Control:

• Herbicides: In cases of larger or persistent infestations, herbicides may be used. Selective herbicides designed to target broadleaf weeds can be effective for controlling Groundsel. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using herbicides.


3. Seed Management:

• Monitor and Control Seedlings: Regularly inspect the area for new seedlings and remove them promptly.


4. Long-Term Monitoring:

• Continuously monitor the area for any regrowth or new infestations of Groundsel and apply control measures as needed.


Key Products for Control:

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