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Article: Golden Trumpet Tree

Golden Trumpet Tree
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Golden Trumpet Tree

Common Name

Golden Trumpet Tree, Golden Goddess, Yellow Trumpet Tree or Yellow Tabebuia

Scientific Name

Tabebuia aurea





Seasons of Growth


Key Distinguishing Feature

Tree with bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers

It typically grows during the warmer seasons, with leaves emerging in spring and falling in autumn. The tree produces bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers in spring to early summer.

• Growth Form: Golden Trumpet Tree is a medium to large-sized tree that can reach heights of up to 12-18 meters (40-60 feet). It has a rounded or spreading canopy.

• Leaves: The leaves are compound and palmate, consisting of several leaflets arranged like fingers on a hand. They are typically dark green and have a coarse texture.

• Flowers: The flowers are large, trumpet-shaped, and bright yellow in colour. They are borne in showy clusters, giving the tree its common name.

• Fruit: The fruit is a long, slender, cylindrical capsule containing winged seeds.

• Habitat: Golden Trumpet Tree is commonly planted as an ornamental tree in urban areas, parks, and gardens. It is native to South America but has been introduced to other regions.

Ecological Impact:

• Golden Trumpet Tree is a relatively recent introduction to Australia, but it has become a popular ornamental street tree in recent decades. Due to its wind-dispersed seed, it is considered to have serious invasive potential in northern NSW. It is regarded as a priority weed by the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (NRCMA).

Control Methods:

1. Manual Removal:

• Cut and Remove: For smaller trees or seedlings, cut the tree close to the ground, ensuring you remove the entire root system to prevent regrowth. Dispose of the cuttings properly to prevent further spread.

• Hand Pulling: Young seedlings can be hand-pulled from the ground. Ensure you remove the entire root system to prevent resprouting.

2. Chemical Control:

• Herbicides: Chemical control methods may be used for larger trees. Herbicides should be applied following local regulations and safety guidelines. A systemic herbicide applied to the cut stump can be effective in preventing regrowth.

3. Seed Management:

• Seed Bank Management: Manage the seed bank in the soil by disturbing it, such as through cultivation or mulching, to reduce the viability of seeds.

4. Long-Term Monitoring:

• Continuously monitor the area for any regrowth of Golden Trumpet Trees and apply control measures as needed.

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