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Article: Coral creeper

Coral creeper

Common Name

Coral creeper, Coral Vine, Bush Violet, Bush Barleria, or Small Bush Violet

Scientific Name

Barleria repens





Seasons of Growth


Key Distinguishing Feature

Low-growing, spreading shrub with tubular flowers

• It can grow and bloom throughout the year, with peak flowering often occurring in spring and summer.

• Growth Form: Coral Creeper is a low-growing, spreading shrub with a prostrate or semi-prostrate growth habit. It can also be somewhat vine-like in its growth.

• Leaves: The leaves are opposite, elliptical to lance-shaped, and have toothed margins. They are typically dark green in colour.

• Flowers: The flowers are tubular, five-lobed, and occur in clusters at the ends of branches. They are typically bright coral to pink in colour and have a distinctive appearance.

• Fruit: The fruit is a small, capsule-like structure containing seeds.

• Habitat: Coral Creeper is often found in gardens, landscapes, and as an ornamental ground cover. It can also naturalize in disturbed areas.

Ecological Impact:

• Coral Creeper is not typically considered invasive in its cultivated range. It is more often valued as an ornamental plant for its attractive flowers.

Control Methods:

• Control of Coral Creeper is not typically a concern in managed landscapes, as it is generally not invasive.

• In some cases, if it is spreading beyond desired areas, it can be managed through pruning or removal of unwanted plants.

Coral Creeper is primarily appreciated as an ornamental plant for its colourful flowers and low-growing habit. It is not typically a target for invasive plant control in managed landscapes.

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