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Adama Di-Bak G Glyphosate

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Group 9 Herbicide

For the control of woody weeds and unwanted trees in forestry, pasture, commercial, industrial, and public service areas.

Key Features:

  • Di-Bak G capsules contain the herbicide active ingredient Glyphosate and are inserted directly into the trunk
  • Capsules are inserted directly into the trunk ensuring an effective kill with no adverse effects on the surrounding environment.
  • Di-Bak G is available in 200 or 1000 capsule bottles for insertion into the Injecta gun. 

This product is an encapsulated non-volatile, water soluble granule with non-selective herbicidal activity against many weed plants. Product is injected directly to the stem’s
sapwood i.e. stem injection into the vascular system. This product moves throughout the plant from the point of injection.

The most effective time to apply herbicides to woody plants is during growth periods when herbicidal materials will be translocated to growth points throughout the plant. Visible effect/efficacy of the product may be delayed/ impacted by poor growing conditions following treatment.

Ensure that the plug to the hole is well secured. The plug is vitally important to create a humid atmosphere within the tree for the capsule to disintegrate and the granules to
dissolve so the glyphosate is translocated within the tree.

Mortality of adult trees occurs 4 months after treatment. Visible effects are a gradual yellowing and wilting of the leaves which advances to complete browning of above ground growth and deterioration of underground plant parts.

Adama Di-Bak G Glyphosate Sale price$184.00
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